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Sligo native FRIZ is a visual artist based in Bangor, Co. Down. She works in both digital and traditional mediums, using a combination of aerosols and acrylics depending on the surface she is using at the time.

Her work explores history, myths and the folklore that shapes the cultural identity of a place. Using these stories to create a journey of discovery for people as they reconnect with some of their earliest and formative memories. The medium of murals allow these stories to be presented as part of the fabric of a place to new generations and told in a contemporary way.

Her work leans towards presenting powerful female characters and explores our connection with the natural world. Sometimes it is a mirror, sometimes an aspiration.

Friz’s work has been showcased in Ireland, UK, Colombia, Poland, France, Mexico and Turkey.


I’d like to commission you to paint a mural/canvas? How do I do that?

I’d be very happy to hear about your project. Please send an email with the following details to frizelle@gmail.com :

  • Design brief – what you want painted
  • Exact measurements and a photo of the wall
  • Proposed deadline
  • Location

All canvas/illustration enquiries can be sent to the same


Where did you learn to paint?

I did a one year PLC course in Art and Design in Sligo, after which I went on to study Classical Animation in Ballyfermot College in Dublin. I lived in Edinburgh for a few years after that and did the 2nd year of an Illustration course in Telford College.

When I moved to Belfast in 2008 I did a Street Art Masterclass course through the Urban Arts Academy in the Waterfront. That was where I first dipped my toe into doing mural work. I mainly learned to spray paint from other artists sharing their knowledge and techniques with me.


Where can I purchase your work?

You can find my online shop at http://www.thisisfriz.bigcartel.com/

I sell prints, throw blankets, t-shirts, pins, badges, stickers, patches.


Where does the name Friz come from?

Friz is short for ‘Frizelle’, a name I’d been using for a long time. I saw it written on a headstone in the graveyard where WB Yeats is buried. It sounds macabre but I spent a lot of time there as a child, it’s a tourist spot and I grew up close by. The headstone actually says ‘Frizzelle’ ( double z) but I had remembered it wrong when I started using the name.


How long have you been painting murals?

I did my first piece in 2008


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  1. Hi Friz
    Your work is great and I am so glad you will be doing some work for us I feel you will be able to get across all the vision that we want to get across to our community in the style of art that you do, I am so impressed with your site that I would like you to look at another project for me I feel it would be right up your street

    Great Work, I am very pleased I visited your site
    Regards, Terry

  2. Hey Friz, i just saw your mural of St Brigid (as a photo study) on FB and im blown away. When HerStory put out a call to artists for Brigid, i have to say, some of the impressions were Such lazy tropes. You have embodied everything about her and its just unreal! Do you produce prints or reproductions of your mural work?
    I stand in awe of Friz mná. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I contributed a couple of pieces to HerStory earlier this year but had no time create a new piece for Brigid, so at least I have that in the bag now haha. I am currently working on a print version of that wall, any announcements will be on my FB page and instagram (both thisisfriz) . thanks again, Friz x

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