Update – June ’13

Collaboration with the mighty DMC, painted in T13, Belfast. – ‘Miserablo’

Had an awesome time painting in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin last Saturday as part of Evolve Urban Art’s ‘Phat Paint Jam’. Got to paint alongside KVLR and Danleo, the sun was shining and the beer flowed. Good times.


Lisburn Workshop

Upcoming FREE workshop in the RSpace Gallery in Lisburn 11-3pm this coming Saturday. Spaces are limited and booking through the gallery is essential – 02892663179. See below for details about it and the other amazing workshops that will be on in the gallery over the coming weeks

20th April

All the way from Sligo, Friz has a background in animation and brings her unique style to this workshop. Here she will show how to use simple colours and and strong lines to create beautiful characters and animals. This workshop would suit anyone with an interest in figurative art or street art.
Over 40’s street art for beginners. Verz
This workshop is aimed specifically at those of a certain age who are curious about or have always wanted to try using a spray can. Artist Verz will take beginners through each step of using a spray can showing all those tips and tricks that will give your art work the ‘wow’ factor. Some artistic ability is useful in this workshop although not essential. Over 40’s and up only. Wear old clothes. All materials supplied.

27th April.- (Workshop 8)

Up-cycling found objects. Matthew Knight
All the way from Pakistan, Matthew shows how objects that have been discarded on the street can be transformed into things of beauty. This is street art in its purest form. Would suit ages 8 and up. Some creativity required. wear old clothes. All materials supplied

4th May.- (Workshop 9)
Beginners guide to fabric activism. Siobhan Barbour
Fibre activist, yarn bomber and general thread head Siobhan will show beginners a variety of simple techniques for making an artistic statement using fabric and thread. Several simple embroidery/sewing techniques will be used alongside a slide show showing what you can do with this traditional art form. From dressing statues to wrapping trees , this workshop has it covered. Would suit complete beginners or those with basic sewing skills who want to produce something a little non traditional. All materials supplied. 14 years old and up


Black Box Belfast – Green Room
Thurs Feb 7th – 7 p.m.

Exhibition runs until
end of February

Thursday 7th February sees the Black Box in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter play host to the launch of ‘DECKED’, an exciting new exhibition featuring the collaborative talents of FALL Longboards and Northern Irish based artists FRIZ and KiLR.

Co. Down company FALL Longboards hand-craft bespoke skate decks, with several hours of love and passion going into each one. This exhibition sees FRIZ and KiLR customising these unusual canvases with one-off slick graphics, ready to be skated or hung upon a wall.

FRIZ is a Belfast based artist who works in both traditional and digital mediums, more recently working with spray paint on a large scale. Her work largely revolves around the female form, creating a world of sometimes sassy, sometimes sensuous characters. She’s part of the Spoom Collective and counts the Ulster Museum as one of the venues that has exhibited her work.

Kieron Black, aka KiLR, is a professional illustrator and cartoonist with clients in Belfast, London and New York. He has already worked with Friz on the walls of the Alley Cat in Belfast and as a keen surfer, skater and snowboarder has shared the ramps and spilled blood with the crew at FALL and as such is delighted to be a part of DECKED.

Project A Apparel Collaboration

The collaborative design I did for Dublin born and bred street-wear company Project A Apparel is now available to buy online as part of their ‘Arrivals and Departures 2012’ collection.

The piece is called ‘Bayou Bloodbath’  and is currently available on a sand  coloured crewneck sweater printed in red. It’s printed in a large format on the back of the sweater, with a ‘Baton le Diable, Airboat Tours’ logo on the front.

Check it out!

Buy it HERE

New Work – November Update


This is a project that’s been in the works for a long time, which finally came to fruition in August (though I only got it truly finished a few weeks back, Godzilla had no tail until then!). The brief was very loose, essentially Godzilla+Robots=Yay!. My take on this was to do a mash-up of different b-movie imagery, alien brain invaders, the scientist who’s created a monster comforting the damsel in distress, Godzilla VS 15′ Luchadore … the usual…. and killer robots. I kept the colours bright to reflect the old school printing techniques the posters used to be produced in.


Myself and Verz were asked back to do some more work in Cuckoo which we were delighted to do!

Here are the pieces I worked on.

TOMS – The Art of Giving Tour Exhibition.


The good folk at the Little Green Street Gallery invited me to get involved with the TOMS – Art of Giving Tour exhibition which involved customising a pair of TOMS shoes for a silent auction.  TOMS ethos as  a company is  that they match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. It was an awesome event to get involved in.

FUAS – Festival of Urban Art Sandyford

Another fantastic event which I was so happy to have been part of was the very first Festival of Urban Art Sandyford. The organisers did an amazing job, the site was deadly and there were a great bunch of lads getting their paint on. The photo says it all, serious talent! Had an epic weekend.


Had the great pleasure of collaborating with Danleo on a mural in the new Alley Cat bar in Belfast. Cracking bar with artwork gracing the walls by Kieron Black and Lee Boyd also.

collaborative character with Danleo


I teamed up with the wonderful Ro and Lo at ‘Believe I Am’ to collaborate on an inspirational poster with graphic designer Myles Dumas. Character by me, design by Myles Dumas.

Believe I Am is a collection of transformative designs and apparel that utilize sports psychology techniques used by pro athletes to help aspirational women succeed in life and in sport by developing positive beliefs about themselves.

This poster will be available for purchase here at the Believe I Am website

Monster Post, Busy Summer!

I’ve been having a most wonderful Summer this year with lots of interesting projects on the go.

First up was the ever enjoyable WhiteWash 6 in Portadown on July 27th. As always the crew at the MCAC and DMC put on an awesome event filled with amazing tunes, people and live art, with a few beers to wash it all down. The piece I painted on the night was roughly 7×8′, spraypaint, and named ‘Courting Death’. It’s often the case with me that when I put pen to paper I have no idea what the end result will be, and this image was one of those times.

Following that I had a commission to paint a custom-made skate deck ( Made by Fall Longboards)

My first time painting on a surface like this and I really enjoyed it, hoping to do some more in future!

Last weekend, as part of  Sligo Summer Festival I was commissioned by the Sligo Borough Council to paint the front of a disused building in the town centre. The site, on Castle St., is roughly 8×39 foot long. I was given a lot of free rein to come up with my own design for this wall that reflected the Sligo Borough crest so I was happy to get stuck in and let my imagination roam a little.

The central character in the final piece is a representation of the Garavogue river that flows through the town. She wears shell earrings and a crown of oak leaves, two symbols present on the crest. Other parts in the design that are featured on the crest are the tree, hares and stones (representing the tower/castle). The two prominent mountains visible from the town, benbulben and Knocknarea are in the background.

Many thanks to S.B.C, Foleys bar for the lend of a ladder, and to Katie Boyle who came to lend a hand on the Saturday (watch out for this girls work in the future!)

Finally, I also managed to fit in painting two walls this month:

The first, painted with KVLR and This Means Nothing, on Lower Garfield St in Belfast

The character I painted on this wall was a nod to tribal cultures and their affinity with nature, in this case wolves.

The second piece was on part of the Peace line in Belfast, was a big moment to have left my mark on such an iconic, historic wall.

Shout out to Rask and Glen

phew, think that’s it!


NPLD and Summerfest Bray

Had the pleasure of painting at two great festivals this month. First up was No Place Like Dome in Sligo. I was invited down to paint last year at NPLD and was delighted when Katie, Bob and the crew invited us down again this year. The boards were set up by the Courtyard stage and we got to listen to some amazing bands while we got our paint on.(The Bog Frogs stand out in my memory) This is one chilled festival and probably has the best atmosphere I’ve experienced.

The piece I painted was a nod to Bill Hicks and his rather dubious alter-ego GoatBoy.

‘You don’t like Goatboy? Goatboy is hurt by your indifference!’

Photo by KVLR

Last weekend saw me hopping into a car with Matt and Sarah, part of the T13 Ramp Rage crew (ta muchly guys, especially for the pickled onion Monster Munch!) and heading down to Bray, Co.Wiclow, for Summerfest. Couldn’t have asked for better weather and the shore front was jammed. I had the honour of collaborating with the very talented JMK on a 20×8′ board with a sea-faring theme. I opted for painting an Octo-mermaid I had sketched and JMK painted an amazing Poseidon. Two really different styles but we managed to make the two pieces flow together.

photo by JMK

close up of the Octo-mermaid

Cracking stuff alltogether.

Many thanks to the organisers of NPLD and Summerfest for their great work and to Square Pit Productions for the invite.


Sligo Tidy Towns/Young Model Mural

Had the absolute pleasure of working with the Young Model group from the Model Niland Gallery, Sligo to create a mural on the 500 feet of hoarding on the Connaughton Road in Sligo town a couple of weeks ago, funded by the Sligo Tidy Towns Committee.

Took 5 days in total to complete with the aid of the group, helped on by a healthy dose of wind and rain. For the section that follows along the road side I pre-planned the design so that I could get straight to work on the Monday morning. The section in the carpark was left in the very capable hands of the Young Model group who left their mark on the Sligo landscape.

Sligo is my hometown and there are various myths and folklore connected with the area, but for this mural I wanted to revisit two stories based around both of the iconic mountains visible from the town, Knocknarea and Benbulben. All characters were kept in black and white on a coloured background.

The wall first features W.B. Yeats, who shared a passion both for Sligo and Irish mythology.

Following on are images representing the story of  Diarmuid and Grainne

Sceolan and Bran, Fionn’s hounds sent to hunt down the fleeing couple.

Grainne, escaping by using a cloak of invisibility. Diarmuid preparing to fight his way out.

The boar that ultimately wounds and kills Diarmuid, in some instances also referred to by name as Benbulben/Bean Ghulbhan

Fionn had the power of healing if you drank from his cupped hands. He deliberately let water, carried from a river, trickle through his fingers twice before he reached the dying Diarmuid as he still held a grudge against him for taking Grainne away from him. On the third occasion he didn’t, but by the time he reached Diarmuid he had died. Grim times. Beside this image I drew a triskele to represent the three times Fionn went to the river.

Following on from this I painted the two bulls and Queen Medb(Meabh) from the Cattle Raid of Cooley/An Tain. Though in the story Donn Cuailnge is brown and Finnbhennach is white I still kept the design colourless.

And finally, the raven that proved that Cuchulainn had died by perching on his shoulder.

At the time that I had to pack up and get myself back up to Belfast the Young Model group had not yet completed the section in the carpark, hoping to get some shots of it soon. Last Saturday I also replicated a version of the Yeats design at another location in SLigo, Ballast Quay. This crumbling little building had ivy growing around it so I added this into the design as well.

Many thanks to Des and Declan from Sligo Tidy Towns, Lynda and the Young Model Group, Caroline and Brenda for transportion, Kevin for taking these photos and Aileen, Colin and Urs who brought me for hot lunches on the days that the weather was particularly nasty!

A wood carving artist called Michael Quirke, who is based in Sligo town and has a wee shop off the main street, is a fount of knowledge when it comes to local folklore and celtic mythology in general. When I was younger myself and my friends would call into his shop, he’d ask you what your favourite animal was, spin you a yarn, and present you with a little carving on an off-cut of wood to take home with you. The man is a legend and has certainly inspired me. Friends happened to be in his shop while I was painting the wall and mentioned what I was doing

and he carved this for me:

Made my day!!


….phew….that was a long post….

Cuckoo Bar, Belfast.

What a whirlwind of a week! Had the pleasure of working alongside VERZ (getting by with a little help from our friends, cheers!) on a project bringing a lick of paint to a new bar on the Lisburn Road, Belfast called CUCKOO. From initial meeting to completion was 10 days, 4 1/2 of which we spent painting, 1 of those hanging off of a scaffold. I’m nay the best with heights, but Verz was practically swinging off the ceiling. The brief was very open, contrasting loose lettering , all layered up for a background, with some tighter characters on top for contrast based loosely on a Grimm fairy tales theme. Many thanks to all involved, you know who you are =)

More Than Meets The Eye exhibition, Dublin

The Blind Tiger Collective in Dublin are hosting their first self directed exhibition, opening this evening at 7:00p.m.

It based around the world of the beloved Transformers.

My piece is a watercolour (a nice change for me), roughly A4 in size and I really wanted to do my own take on Transformers world. My favourite toy in the range was the cassette tape panther called Ravage who was paired up with Soundwave. I didn’t have the toys growing up but I did have a lovely neighbour who was a good boy and let me play with his. So, inspired by Art Deco style ‘ladies-walking-dog’ images and sculptures, this is what I came up with. The piece is called ‘Simply Ravaging Dahling’