New Year

DEDICATED Exhibition
White Lady Art Gallery, Dublin.

Starting 2014 off as I mean to continue, exhibiting fresh work.

‘DEDICATED’ Exhibition launched last night in the White Lady Art Gallery, Wellington Quay, Dublin.

There was a fantastic turn out and there are some amazing works of art on display. Exhibition is on until the end of January.

Cheers to everyone involved in making the show epic!

Dedicated Demon – print

Dedicated Angel – Print

Busy October

Whitewash X

On Halloween Night the artists did gather and paint. Always a pleasure to take part in a Whitewash event organised by the mighty DMC. This time around it was in Craigavon under a bridge on a wall at a 45 degree angle. I went for a suitably dark image considering the night that was in it.

Hammer YC

I’ve previously done some work with the fantastic people at Hammer Youth Club on Agnes St. in Belfast, so I was so happy when they got in contact and asked me to create a mural for one of the rooms in the centre. Cheers to Alan!

Phat Paint Jam 3 – The Bernard Shaw, Dublin

The third and final Phat Paint Jam organised by Evolve Urban Art in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin. Big up to Ene for the invite.

T13 Exposé – Carrickfergus

Created as a demo piece for an Urban Exposé by T13 in Carrickfergus. Went crazy with the glow, I’m loving Montana Black Pistachio. Love to the T13 family x

Exhibition Prints – Through the Looking Glass

My new prints for the recent ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Exhibition in Sligo.

‘Foxy Lady’


This is Caer, the lover of Aengus Óg. She turned into a swan every other year. When Aengus Óg dreamt of her he was told that he could marry her if he could identify her from 149 other swans. He did, and every other year turned into a swan with her to be by her side.

‘Queen Medb’

My homegirl Medb – All around bad ass. The two skulls represent the bulls that the ‘An Táin’ story revolves around.

‘Nemain – Celtic War Goddess’

A Celtic War Goddess who caused battle frenzy and scared warriors to death on the battle field ( Sometimes featured as one aspect of the Morrigan). Years ago a pet project of mine and some school friends featured Nemain as one of the central characters. We decided she would be slightly unhinged and kooky, I still picture her like this

Many thanks to Wayne O’Conner for curating the show.

Email this address for details on purchasing prints.

Exhibition – Sligo – Sat Aug 31st

Delighted to be involved in the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ exhibition which has such an incredible line up.

On August 31st, a new exhibition opens in the Yeats Gallery. Entitled “Through the Looking Glass” this exhibition brings together the work of 7 Illustrators and Artists from around the country. With artists from Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway and Sligo this show will offer a wide variety of styles and influences.

JG O Donaghue hails from Cork and specialises in archaeological and heritage illustration and art. JG has exhibited extensively and was the key founder of the online Islander Arts Collective.

Alan Corbett is another Cork illustrator who last year released his first Graphic novel, the well recieved “Ghost of Shandon”, of which a sequel is currently in the works. Alan regularly runs courses on Comic illustration.

Eva Widermann is a German illustrator specialising in illustration, concept art and character design. Her clients have included Disney and the publishers of the Dungeons and Dragons game series, Wizards of the Coast.

Rosemary Fallon is an emerging Galway artist whose work veers from Surreal painting to sculptural pieces. Rosemary has exhibited extensively and recently has had her work featured as the cover piece for the Galway Fringe Festival brochure.

Marian Noone is a Sligo artist now native to Belfast who has developed a reputation as a highly sought after Street mural artist with her distinctive images to be found all over Ireland. Working under the handle “Friz”, her work largely revolves around the female form, creating a world of sometimes sassy, sometimes sensuous characters.

Eoin Coveney has worked as a freelance illustrator for over 17 years with Clients such as Judge Dredd Magazine, The Irish Times, FHM magazine and more. He has also worked under the mentorship of legendary US comics artist Will Eisner.

Wayne O Connor is a Sligo based artist who has worked on a selection of Boardgames and RPG books since going freelance a few years ago. He held his first solo show this year in the Hawkswell Theatre in Sligo.

The exhibition opens in the Yeats gallery space at 6.30pm on Saturday the 31st of August and runs for one week.

Update – August ’13

Death Carousel Rodeo – Limited Edition Print

Limited run of prints, get in contact via this email address for details. £30 + P&P

Red Room, Brysons, Magherafelt

Very fun commission for Brysons in Magherafelt to paint the exterior of the Red Room


Commission in Keadue, Co. Roscommon on the side of the Credit Union building. This is one of the most idyllic villages in Ireland and I got some of that fantastic Irish sun while painting there. The character in this piece is Turlough O’Carolan, a blind early Irish harper, composer and singer whose great fame is due to his gift for melodic composition. He was the last great Irish harper-composer and is considered by many to be Ireland’s national composer and has ties with the area.


Finally getting a chance to put up the photos of the pieces from the Decked Exhibition. Hand crafted skate decks by Fall Longboards, custom painted by me.

Photos by Fall Longboards.

Xi’an Warrior

I had the pleasure of being asked to paint a life-sized copy of one of the ‘Terracotta Army’ of Xi’an, arranged by One World Creative in Belfast. My warrior was decorated with an image of a tiger, in spray paint. It is currently on display at Belfast City Hall.

Thomas Street Project

I did a fun paint collaboration with fellow Spoomer KVLR as part of a project by Evolve Urban Art

Our original concept revolved around two opposing chess pieces which somehow escalated to this…

…I want to paint more unicorns!

photo by Evolve Urban Art

World Police and Fire Games

Did a 2 hour paint at the World Police and Fire Games here in Belfast this past weekend. Shiny Mermaid lady.


Update – June ’13

Collaboration with the mighty DMC, painted in T13, Belfast. – ‘Miserablo’

Had an awesome time painting in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin last Saturday as part of Evolve Urban Art’s ‘Phat Paint Jam’. Got to paint alongside KVLR and Danleo, the sun was shining and the beer flowed. Good times.


Lisburn Workshop

Upcoming FREE workshop in the RSpace Gallery in Lisburn 11-3pm this coming Saturday. Spaces are limited and booking through the gallery is essential – 02892663179. See below for details about it and the other amazing workshops that will be on in the gallery over the coming weeks

20th April

All the way from Sligo, Friz has a background in animation and brings her unique style to this workshop. Here she will show how to use simple colours and and strong lines to create beautiful characters and animals. This workshop would suit anyone with an interest in figurative art or street art.
Over 40’s street art for beginners. Verz
This workshop is aimed specifically at those of a certain age who are curious about or have always wanted to try using a spray can. Artist Verz will take beginners through each step of using a spray can showing all those tips and tricks that will give your art work the ‘wow’ factor. Some artistic ability is useful in this workshop although not essential. Over 40’s and up only. Wear old clothes. All materials supplied.

27th April.- (Workshop 8)

Up-cycling found objects. Matthew Knight
All the way from Pakistan, Matthew shows how objects that have been discarded on the street can be transformed into things of beauty. This is street art in its purest form. Would suit ages 8 and up. Some creativity required. wear old clothes. All materials supplied

4th May.- (Workshop 9)
Beginners guide to fabric activism. Siobhan Barbour
Fibre activist, yarn bomber and general thread head Siobhan will show beginners a variety of simple techniques for making an artistic statement using fabric and thread. Several simple embroidery/sewing techniques will be used alongside a slide show showing what you can do with this traditional art form. From dressing statues to wrapping trees , this workshop has it covered. Would suit complete beginners or those with basic sewing skills who want to produce something a little non traditional. All materials supplied. 14 years old and up