February ’16 Update


‘Pink’ – Painted at the UV Arts Winter Painting Jam at the Playhouse in Derry – Jan ’16

I got a new sketchpad and blue pencil leads so went mad filling it up with sketches that I wanted to draw just for the fun of it.

marvel 1

Gambit  – Daredevil – The Winter Soldier – Storm (Marvel)

marvel 2

Death (Sandman) – Modern Merida (Brave) – Delirium (Sandman) – Zero (Vampire Knight)

marvel 3

The Winter Soldier (Marvel) – Loki (Marvel) – Rey (Star Wars) – Magneto, gender swap (Marvel)


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Nov ’15 Update

Galaxy Paws - Belfast

‘Galaxy Paws’

Painted as part of Culture Night 2015, Belfast.


No Laughing Matter - Peace Wall, Belfast

‘No Laughing Matter’

Painted on the Peace Line, Belfast


photo (95)


..and her invisibility cloak.

A Celtic character with ties to Sligo. Painted live during Sligo Design Week.



photo (98)


Painted during the fantastic Release the Pressure jam in Derry.



photo 1 (32)

‘Party All Night Owl’

Commission for The Fly bar, Belfast.


photo 2 (32)

‘Come Away, O Human Child..’

Commission for Sligo County Childcare Committee.



photo 3 (31)


Painted in T-13 Belfast.



photo 3 (32)


Painted as part of Culture Night Belfast – Hit The North.


photo 4 (21)

‘Turn It Up’

Commission for The Fly bar, Belfast.



photo 4 (22)

‘Her Long Hair Black As A Raven’

…well it used to be.

Painted at the always awesome Whitewash XIII



photo 5 (12)

UV live drawing at Pygmalion, Dublin.



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Midsummer Round Up

11108307_857375204353710_5625019481212305311_nMy contribution to the very awesome All City Tivoli Jam in Dublin this year. A modern take on The Morrigan, a Celtic Deity who could take the form of a wolf, cow, eel and crow.

photo (63)

I was delighted to be asked by Groundworks NI to create a mural in the new Community Garden to link up with the existing Hicks 54 mural. Couldn’t have finished it without the help of my partner in crime Gerry.  Newtownards Rd in Belfast

photo (60)

Pirate Queen


Flame On! Section of the Parkour set up in T-13

11008641_846818198742744_8628287164046693616_nCommissioned (very long) mural at Sydenham Train Station in Belfast, celebrating Belfast’s Industrial history and ties to the local area. Arranged by Palmerston Residence Association, Translink, BCC and PCSP.

photo (58)

Another piece for Groundworks NI in a different Community Garden on Clandeboye St. Unusual wall, very fun to paint. The mural was designed with the direction and input of the local S.O.S. (Survivors of Suicide) group.

photo (17)

Landscape commission for The Coach in Banbridge for their beer garden.


Wall commissioned by Sligo Tidy Towns. I wanted to create a mural that celebrated the Sligo connection that Bram Stoker has to the town and it’s possible influence on writing Dracula.

11391147_853234038101160_7013399804659526243_n 11390118_851850648239499_3469443157054504656_n

Custom paint job for Jump NI – Parkour specialists.


photo (72)

Two recent watercolour paintings involving layering up paper.

photo (70)An earlier take on The Morrigan, painted Culture Night Belfast 2014


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Wrapping up 2014…Bring on 2015


”Autumn’ and ‘Winter’ from Nubia Youth Club


P1000480sml P1000485sml

‘Lean On Me’ – private commissioned watercolour


I'm inside full


“I’m Inside”

This is the piece I completed last week in Letterkenny for First Fortnight and Mental Health Ireland, working with local Letterkenny group Create-A-Link.

This excerpt from First Fortnight’s website sums up the goal of this project:

“We believe the arts allow us to create a space where people can talk about mental health issues in a non-scripted manner. Once that conversation has begun, we hope this will then help to change people’s perceptions about an issue that affects us all with one in four of us set to experience a mental health problem at some point in our lives.”

The piece itself was based on prompts and ideas that the Create-A-Link group had discussed, which I then visually interpreted. ‘Wearing a Mask’ was a strong theme that resonated. In my piece the character is wearing a mask, but it’s coming off, being lifted slightly off of her face with the tie loose. In the background she is surrounded be a canine-like figure (inspired by the sometimes naming of depression as the ‘black dog’) made up of ‘I’m fine.’ ‘I’m inside.’ ‘Talk to me.’ ‘I want to be better.’

Huge thanks to Gerry, don’t think I could have done it without him. Big shout out to Bill, Peadar, Eithne, Dermy, Aidan, Wissam, Ruth’s Pharmacy, The mighty scaffold producing council men and the Create-A-Link group who kept us fuelled with tea and sandwiches on what turned out to be a very cold and wet couple of days

This time of year can be particularly hard on people. For more information on these fantastic groups and the great work they are doing to create awareness and support for mental health issues see below:



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August Update

derry sml‘Tribal Red’ – painted at the ‘Release the Pressure’ Graffiti Jam – Derry – August 2014

DSCF5740 DSCF5744Evolve Urban Art hand-painted advertisement for Clonmel 1650, Dublin. July 2014

photo (16) photo (29)‘Like a Boss’ – painted at the ‘Make a Move’ Festival – Limerick. July 2014

10454302_474006596036464_6652932599931585474_n‘Áine’ – Celtic Sun Goddess, painted on the Summer Solstice at the ‘All-City Tivoli Jam’ – Dublin. June 2014. Photo by Lolz

bubblegum fun houseMural for ‘Bubble Gum Hair Salon’ – Drogheda – May 2014

IMG_2252‘The Hart of Sligo’ – Union St., Sligo. Painted for Sligo Tidy Towns Committee – May 2014

IMG_2274‘He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead’ – Yeats inspired wall, Adelaide St. Carpark, Sligo. July 2014

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May Update

May…..MAY? Already!? Yeesh, this year is flying by! Here are just some of the projects I’ve been working on.

El Tigre – T-13

El TigreThis is the main pedestrian entrance to the ever awesome T-13 indoor skatepark in Belfast.  Have lots of love for the folk at T-13.

White Lady Art – Female Street Art Exhibition and Shaw Paint Jam.


This is the piece I painted as part of the all female paint jam in the Bernard Shaw. This is Sadb, a Celtic Goddess associated with deer and nature. The skull if from the extinct ‘Great Irish Elk’.


New ‘Gráinne Mhaol’ print for the show. Read about the legendary Grace O’Malley, Irish Pirate Queen here


One of my paintings from the show. Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. ‘Lilith II’

Hammer YC


Interior wall painted in Hammer YC in Belfast.


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Battle Ready Medb

The complete wall painted in Ballinode Community College in Sligo last week. Had a blast working with the 4th yr students on this project. The group had already researched local legends and myths that could be included in mural so we had lots to choose from when we started planning. In the centre is Queen Medb (Maeve/Maebh) who is said to be buried in the grave marked by the cairn on top of Knocknarea, apparently buried standing straight up and facing North (the general direction she is facing in the mural). She wears a helmet ready for battle, adorned with the horns of a bull (reference to AnTáin).

The mound of spirals in the background represent her burial cairn and Knocknarea mountain. The other prominent Sligo mountain, Benbulben, is represented as part of the decorative cheek guard. Benbulben is also linked to the tale of Diarmuid and Gráinne, who’s story is also expressed by the boar ‘tattoo’ on Medb’s shoulder.

The two creatures on either side of Medb are a water horse, and a water hound. There are examples of folk stories all over the country and the UK where malevolent animals rise from a body of water and kill or drown a person (‘kelpies’ etc). I thought it would be striking to have these animals present in a sort of heraldic style. The water symbolises the Garavogue river running through the town to the sea. The two beasts are depicted in reds and oranges to characterize the fires that burned down the local Abbey and the Castle of Sligo.

Phew! We managed to get a lot in! Big up to the 4th Years who did an amazing job. Shout out to Adam and Donna too, and to Ballinode College. There is actually a ‘Phase 2’ to this project which will see local artisan Enda Clarke creating stained glass elements with the group to accentuate features that have been painted. Very excited to see the outcome of that half of the project and I’ll share a decent (dayshent) photo hopefully when it is completed.


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New Year

DEDICATED Exhibition
White Lady Art Gallery, Dublin.

Starting 2014 off as I mean to continue, exhibiting fresh work.

‘DEDICATED’ Exhibition launched last night in the White Lady Art Gallery, Wellington Quay, Dublin.

There was a fantastic turn out and there are some amazing works of art on display. Exhibition is on until the end of January.

Cheers to everyone involved in making the show epic!

Dedicated Demon – print

Dedicated Angel – Print

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Busy October

Whitewash X

On Halloween Night the artists did gather and paint. Always a pleasure to take part in a Whitewash event organised by the mighty DMC. This time around it was in Craigavon under a bridge on a wall at a 45 degree angle. I went for a suitably dark image considering the night that was in it.

Hammer YC

I’ve previously done some work with the fantastic people at Hammer Youth Club on Agnes St. in Belfast, so I was so happy when they got in contact and asked me to create a mural for one of the rooms in the centre. Cheers to Alan!

Phat Paint Jam 3 – The Bernard Shaw, Dublin

The third and final Phat Paint Jam organised by Evolve Urban Art in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin. Big up to Ene for the invite.

T13 Exposé – Carrickfergus

Created as a demo piece for an Urban Exposé by T13 in Carrickfergus. Went crazy with the glow, I’m loving Montana Black Pistachio. Love to the T13 family x

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Hit The North, Fight or Flight

Had a fantastic time last weekend collaborating with my good friend Danleo on this piece for ‘Hit The North’, a street art festival that was part of Culture Night Belfast. Big shout out to all involved in Culture Night and especially Seedhead Arts.

photos by Danleo

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